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Join us in a special community effort to come together and bolster the incredible achievements of our students at Opportunity Music Project.

When you subscribe, you’ll sign up on our subscription platform and pledge a monthly gift of $12.00. In recognition of being part of your student’s community of support, you’ll receive video updates of your sponsored student, have opportunities to meet them, and learn more about their music journey and how you helped make it possible.

100% of your sponsorship goes to providing these students with hour-long private lessons every week; a critical milestone on every high achieving young musician’s path.

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FAQ: How Sponsor A Student works

How do I sign up, and how much is it? It only takes 3 minutes to sign up, and you’ll pay just $12 per month. Just visit our Sponsorship Page  where you will be able to dedicate your sponsorship to a student, and sign up.

How does it work? When you sign up to sponsor a student, you are contributing towards that student’s private lesson time increase. All students at OMP receive a half hour lesson weekly during our academic year, and your subscription increases that lesson time to an hour every week!

What is the result? Your contribution helps our students receive 100% more individualized time with their teacher, resulting in increased confidence, and increased ability to achieve their goals.

How does my subscription help? You are directly contributing to increased equity in classical music education. Did you know that the programming offered at OMP equals or exceeds many similar programs offered in NYC at full cost? Many students passionate about music are not able to enroll in high quality music education due to financial need. OMP removes the financial barrier, but keeps the highest quality music education possible, giving our students all the opportunities their higher income peers may have access to.

Does this system work? When you sign on, you become one of ten sponsors who form a community to support your student. You help your student grow and succeed. It takes a village to help a student succeed, and you are part of a local, individualized approach.

Am I assigned to a particular child? You can choose to sponsor a particular child, or we can choose for you, it’s entirely up to you!

How much money is being spent on my sponsored child, is any of my money going to run the organization? 100% of your money goes to the direct costs of your student’s private lesson increase. We raise funding from other sources, including grants, to cover the other aspects of our programming and administrative costs.

What does the sponsorship cover? Along with the ten other sponsors in your group supporting your chosen student, 100% of your donation supports your child’s private lesson time increase from 30 minutes per week to one hour per week! 80% of that goes to cover the cost of paying our faculty, and 20% covers renting their lesson space each week.

How will I be able to see the impact? You’ll receive a before and after video of your student’s progress, as well as a special thank you letter from your student explaining how your contribution make a difference. You will be invited to year round exclusive sponsor events, as well as our concerts. You’ll also be able to attend a lesson to see exactly what we do at OMP, and see how our students learn and grow each week.

Can I meet my sponsored student? As a sponsor you will have the opportunity to meet your student through our sponsor and student events, such as attending a private lesson, attending a special sponsor soiree event, or visiting a rehearsal, or a concert.

What are the perks I’ll receive as a sponsor? As a sponsor you’ll receive a before and after video of your student’s progress each year, a handwritten thank you letter, access to exclusive sponsor events, and concert invitations.

Does it matter if I’m not a musician? Many of the world’s most important musical sponsors are not musicians, but they appreciate and understand the contributions that music can make in a person’s life. We welcome sponsors from any background, and we warmly welcome you to the Opportunity Music Project family!

Subscription Details

Can I cancel it at some point? Yes, you can cancel it at any point. We are happy to make that happen for you, or you can unsubscribe manually. We will work to find another sponsor to take on your student if you decide to end your sponsorship.

Do I have to update my sponsorship, or does it renew automatically? Your sponsorship renews automatically each month, and only expires when your credit card expires. We will be in touch with you to renew your subscription when this happens.

Is my credit card information safe? We use a third-party credit card processing system (Chargebee) with outstanding safety features. We take data integrity and security very seriously. A full list of up to date and international security features are available upon request.

Does my donation come out in the summer too, even if the child is on summer break? Yes, because the total lessons that your sponsorship covers is broken down over 12 months. We save your donation specifically for the child you’ve chosen to sponsor, until that child has received all of their allotted lessons for the year.

I want to know more about OMP-where can I find out more? You can find out more right here on our website www.OpportunityMusicProject.org. We also have an active social media presence, and you are welcome to pick up the phone any time and chat with our staff at 917-741-3190 to learn more, or visit a concert to see our exciting work up close!

How big is OMP, who’s involved, and who are the other sponsors? Opportunity Music Project has a student community of 125 students, 16 faculty, 7 board members, and a young professionals committee of 18 members. The Ford Foundation, Carnegie Hall, the Heineman Foundation, the City of New York, and the State of New York make much of our programming possible.

Our Sponsors

David Bonsey Fine Violins
New York Quality Strings
Rent My Instrument
The Heineman Foundation
The Virtu Foundation

Special thanks to Alexandra White.